Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night Shoot With a Telephoto And The City Of KL

Back when I was using my D3000 using the tammy 70-300 in the night or under low light conditions proved to be almost impossible. By increasing tthe ISO past 800 on the D3000, the picture quality is almost unusable. While now with the D90 I thought I would be able to experiment more on night shooting due to it's low noise high ISO capabilities.

Well again I went into the heart of KL to shoot with just a telephoto attached to the body of the D90.

Bumping the ISO up to 2000 produces little noise, as the 70-300 does not come with VR capabilities increasing the ISO to reduce hand shake seemed to be the only option.

So if the hand shake is to apparent, why do we do, well we cheat with a little black and white and something called photoshop. Lol.

Looking to upgrade the telephoto as it is really a joy to shoot in it. But, haih I am broke.

Well that's all for this time. Till next time. Toodles!