Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Now Own A Million Dollar home

A gift from Her. :) I know own a million dollar home. No,I did not turn into a Korean celebrity over night and came to own a celebrity mansion, but i received it in a big box last week.

Cautiously i stabbed the box with my trusty orange scissors to reveal it's contents...

Was greeted by a cartoon alien/naked tribesman marking on a paper bag.

Turning the paper bag around revealed it's contents, that's right, my dreams and prayers have been answered, she bought me a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar home to house Nikki!

I was trembling with excitement as i removed the paper wrappings to reveal the product. 

Foooh! Velcro silencer (whatever it is)..Lol

This bag may look small but it's like Doraemon's pocket. You can fit literally loads of stuff inside it.

It came with 2 mesh pockets one in front and one on the top cover. The material is ultra tough and the partitions are hard as a brick.

So time to load her up now..

My 5million home currently houses:

My Nikon D3000+ 18-55mm
USB cables
A lomo camera
SD cards
Some absorbent gel to absorb water
Tammy 70-300mm
Nissin di622 flashgun
Cleaning kit

Preety alot eh..Well it is really like a Doraemon's pouch.

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  1. No underwear stored?
    Never know when it might come in handy...