Friday, June 25, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore :- Night

As said earlier, here is the night portion of Universal Studios Singapore. Universal Studios Singapore is opened from 8 a.m till 7 p.m daily, so I was able to capture the night as well as the day scene. The place is really pretty when all the lights are lit up.

 The kingdom of Far Far Away in it's night lights, pretty eh?

Hollywood drive.

I really like the neon signs as it gives the whole place a nice American feeling.

The docks 

The night scene is really pretty, pity they only open it till 7 p.m but it's good for us photographers as that time most of the park is already deserted so it's much more easier to shoot.

Oh ya besides Garret's popcorn outside Universal Studios, there is a large ass Hershey's Chocolate store

This my friend is the world's largest Hershey's Bar, weighing 10Kgs and costs about RM 140 (60Sing) this is sure to give you diabetes straight away.

And that's it from Universal Studios Singapore. I pretty much covered most of it i think. Comments are very much welcomed. Till next time..


  1. Your pictures are sharp except for a few. I like. =)

  2. Thank you Mr Keane for ur ever awe-inspiring comment. It is what keeps me doing what i am doing