Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singapore Through My Viewfinder

Was in Singapore on Monday and i just arrived back yesterday have about 368 pictures to process. Visited Sentosa Island when I was there, but that will be another post divided into 2 parts cause there is like 200+ photos of Sentosa Island alone. Anyway these are one of the few things that make Singapore look like Singapore, well in my opinion.

First of all who can never forget to mention the great public transportation they have. The ever so on time and quick MRT system. 

This is Singapore's bread and butter for those who do not own a car. 

The packed and cleaned stations. Not like our Malaysian ones, never on time and always dirty stations. 

Since road tax in Singapore is extremely expensive, many have resorted to the good old 2 wheeler bicycle.

The friendly and "always use the meter taxi drivers" in their classic Toyota Sunny. 

The modern architecture on most of their buildings in Singapore, they have a library in almost every district, while the Hypermedia library in USJ is like dying, theirs is stocked up with new books and DVDs.

The rich filled green grassed fields.

And lastly, the famous HDB (Housing Development Board) condos in Singapore.

Due to space constraints in Singapore, there is loads of condos everywhere, is quite rare to find a house here cause land would cost you an arm and a leg.

I know I sound like some "Jakun" guy who has like never went to Singapore. I stayed with my uncle who is a Singaporean, and it did open my eyes to why Singapore is way ahead of Malaysia. One answer that is clear cut is, their Government is more efficient, open minded and corruption is really low in this country.

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