Monday, June 21, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore :- Day

Visited Universal Studios last week. Took me a few days to process the images as there are tons of them but nevertheless after 4 cups of coffee and loads of doughnuts I am proud to give you guys a little virtual tour through my pictures.

The very famous "Universal" globe that you will see in almost every movie.

Yeap, tickets were selling like hot cakes even though only 80% of the park was completed. Talk about being kiasu. Haha..I managed to get mine a few days ago to avoid being stuck outside with no tickets.

Spotted this popcorn store at the entrance. Apparently, this was what that made Oprah bloat up her belly again.

The smell from outside was heavenly.

And the cholesterol level was also super. I ordered "Super Caramel" and "Chessy" both were so fricking rich in flavor that you could't stop yourself from putting your hands back into the bag for more.

It was a Tuesday when i went to universal studios and, man was it packed with so many Bangladeshis and Taiwanese aunties.

Once we crossed the main entrance gate, we were greeted the Hollywood portion of the theme park. Population: Glamorous. I am definitely in the right place 

The architecture and landscaping of the place was simply superb. The buildings weren't just an empty hollow prop, there are actually shops in almost everyone

My father has a thing for old cars.( you know the 50's era)

During certain times, the park would hold some shows, to put people in the right mood of the right park they are currently in. There was a 60's Singing and Dance troupe performing when we were in line for the "Monster Rock Live"

The "Monster Live" show is basically a live musical performance by Universal classical monster e.g- Dracula, Frankenstein and Corpse Bride. The songs that they delivered were all modern pop and rock songs, from "Nobody" by the Wondergirls to "It's my life" by Bon Jovi. Not a bad idea and concept if you ask me.

 This dude obviously was over excited for the show

 This thingy here is actual a ride. It was meant to show us how movie sound effects is made. Well I wasn't allowed to take any pictures during this ride, but allow me to summarize what all of us on the ride went through. Basically a level 5 hurricane and boats falling out and in and fire spreading on the whole floor.

Drilling a big hole with something long and vibrating. heh

More New York-ish scenes

Next up was sci-fi city.

Sadly enough, the park's largest roller coaster was closed. The Battlestar Galatica roller coaster. Apparently you can choose between a Ceylon or a human, both ride the roller coaster in different ways. The "Ceylons" upside down, whereas the humans at max speeds. Darn, if only it was opened.

With that ride close, the other ride available in sci-fi city was The Accelerator.

IT WAS FREAKING FAST WEII!!....NOT! more or less riding the pot thing in Sunway and probably the pot thing was even faster. Should have named this ride the "Unaccelarator"

Madagascar land was up next.

Yeap, Do not feed the FOOOSAS

 If you noticed on King Julian's tree there was something dangling from it, well it's this skeletonated fellow who fed the Foosas.

The intrepid bunch of animals who were stuck on Madagascar. In the Madagascar land there was only one ride available as the other  "Crate an adventure" was still closed. 

So after spending about 30minutes in Madagascar trying to find out what to do, suddenly this fellas turned up and started to do the "I like to move it move it"

I think the Penguins were quite horny actually, 2 of them actually bumped into a lady's bosom during picture taking time. I thought they were going to start humping or something. Lol

After leaving Madagascar we were greeted by this big tree. Shrek's swamp house.

If you have the chance to go to Universal Studios try standing next to this shed and knock it.

After crossing Shrek's swamp, we arrived at Far Far Away and spotted this big arse castle.

Who did it belong to? Well the answer is in this portrait.

The ride inside the castle was Shrek 4D apparently the ghost of Lord Farquiad has captured all of Shrek's friend so your quest is to bla bla bla safe them. Lol

 The cocky mirror giving instruction to us "warriors" inside the dungeon

 Bought a Pussy in Bootsy soft toy. My dogs won't be happy. 

The streets of Far Far Far away.

Another fantastic ride was this: Donkey Live!

Ain't got not pics, as photography was not allowed, to sum it all, basically it is an interactive ride where the donkey actually talks and sings with you. Still wondering actually how they did it

 Far Far Away most luxurious boutique.

Lunch was at a 1960's drive in CALLED MEL'S OMG!

Probably Mel was like a celebrity name last time.OMG!

Ordered a chill burger. Personally i still preferred Carl's junior.

After that we left Far Far Away for a ride, WaterWorld.

The crowd queing up for this was just phenomenal. Apparently this ride is only available 3 times a day. This ride is basically a remake of the 1993 movie "Water World" starring Kevin Costner.

In every typical good vs bad movie there is always a hottie. In this movie, the whole world is flooded and there is no land so this hottie here apparently found dry land somewhere.

Than there is the baddies. These are the bad guys who want the land for themselves.

And as typical as it gets,the bad guys always have the bigger guns

Oh ya don't forget the one eye patch and bald headed mastermind.

"Alright who farted step right out now"

Apparently Ms hottie has a boyfriend who is a mermaid(played by Kevin Costner in the original movie)

To get her to talk about the land the baddies decided to drop her friends into the water. Not that effective if you asked me. But oh well, it is a themepark for kids too. Must be family oriented.

And than we have the domestic abuse going on before....

 Mermaid Man shows up to save the day

He kicks ass..

Dodges bullets..

Even a rocket!

And now it is time for him to save the damsel in distress.

"Damn, yours is bigger than mine"

Baddie boss catches on fire

Plunges to his death and the fuel tank miraculously is a bout to explode

BOOOM! the explosion was so loud and hot that seating at 40m back you could still feel the heat.

The cast of the "Waterworld' remake.

Next we headed to Jurassic Park. The rides, to be honest were a little kiddie except the river rapids. They stated a warning outside saying u might soaked during this ride, being a cheap Malaysia, i refused to buy a raincoat, lets just say it was the worst mistake i ever did. LOL

 Headed to the final portion of the theme park: The Egyptian Land.There is only one roller coaster in this park and damn it was fast. My heart was like stuck in mouth when i got off.

Very detailed architecture in almost every park. Headed around the other lands afterwards to tembak menembak my camera

This shot reminds me a lot about the sitcom "Friends"

This Marilyn Monroe is a little overweight.

Some shots of the pier area around New York Land

 Most of the shops are empty now but the detailing on it is really awesome.

 Well i guess that is all from the "Day" portion of my Universal Studios Singapore experience. Stay tuned for the "Night" part!



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  3. oooohhhh. i'm liking your shots. :) and makes me really want to pay universal studios a visit.