Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kick Boxing/Mixed martial arts

My roommate, Mr Azim, apparently attended kick boxing classes a few years ago, this thus explains the high flying kicks he executes during futsal and his preferences to always use his legs as his main choice of arsenal.

Pre warm-up and stretching prior to the shoot

"Safety First"

I had to ask him real nicely and had to convince him that I will retouch the pictures to give him an " Arnold Schwazenger" look. Well sad to say this was the best I could retouch his pictures with.

Some high flying Kick in the A$$ shots to get the party rolling.

 "This is how I face up to Microbiology workbooks" says Mr Azim

"This is how my PS3 beats your XBOX360" says Mr. Azim

"This pose is called "The Edward Cullen", it is my ultimate weapon to make girls fall for me" says Mr Azim.

Some light strobing  experiment which i tried out. I used a purple/white cardboard as a snoot and fired the flash at 1/2 power.

This two poses reminds me of Adam Lambert's CD cover, for some strange reason. I am not implying that this photo is gay, it's just a funny thought that popped out in my mind when i was viewing through the shots again.

Last but not least, Muscular hypertrophy!

That's it for this edition. Comments and critiques are welcomed as usual.


  1. as requested,here it goes....

    1.the pic that u've mentioned bout the adam lambert's cover cd...yup, azim shud'nt be posing with that facial expression..maybe with "i'm one tough guy and no one can beat me in kickboxing-proud" look.hehe :)

    2.i remember tat u've informed me at the CUCMS's rooftop that day bout the purplish effect tat u wanna apply it on the pic, doesn't go really well for the 2nd last picture.. i think..
    becoz as if azim hav that few days old bruise colour.
    (azim...did siang bully you?hehe)

    3.of all the pictures..i like the 1st,4th,5th and 6th the best...

    again,sorry for such2 amateur comments+thank you for inviting me along to the photoshoot+good job melvin and azim!!!
    clap,clap,clap.... :)

  2. Not your best pieces, but good tries. I'd say work on the angles. Either the background is too messy, or it looks like the picture is falling down, ie. slanting too much.

    Snoots are weird to me, honestly. It's not easy to perfect it and to be utterly honest, these snoots aren't there yet. Experiment more with where to put the flashes and use a bit of ambient light as well, rather than having a pitch black surrounding.

    You had a good idea with the silhouettes, but really, you have to work on your angling. The first silhouette, the long slanting bar near his foot is very distracting and for the second, you cut his foot off.

    Keep trying and I can't wait to come back and shoot with you.

  3. wow,so this is how u fellas photographers do the talking..
    compared to mine who has got nothing to do with the dslr's/photographers world...
    i can provide u the first common thought of the viewer...teehee... :)
    anyway...gambatte melvin schmelvinn...

  4. Thank Kiew. qistina for pointing that out..and Mr keane for his deep yet constructive comments..They all mean a lot to me and will help me to correct my mistakes