Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Alley Shoot and Post Processing Practice

Headed to Kuantan a few days back to help Wee Phei Yee with some chores.
Decided to do a different theme this time from our usual "beach sunny theme" which we always do whenever I return to Kuantan.

Dabbled with a little abit of strobing with a homemade, Pringles tube snoot and flash gun positioning.

As you might notice in my previous shoots I NEVER post-process as I find it such a hassle and a waste of time, well guess what i am hooked on post processing, there are so many options in post processing that it is really worth the hassle and time.

This was by far the hardest picture to process, Wee Phei Yee had a really really red face at that time in the original shot, as it was really hot. Took me so long to process this picture as i did not want to lose too much detail in my post processing and at the same do not want to leave the picture too "unprocessed"

Shot all the pictures in RAW, and it is definitely better to post process RAW and there is minimal detail loss when you process your pictures in RAW. The downside though, RAW format is really RAW, the white balance, exposure and saturation are not recorded by this file format and all processing has to be done from scratch.

My post processing skills is still kinda bad, hence the bad images you see here I hope i did not make you choke on your coffee after seeing these images,

Overall there is still alot to learn in shooting in RAW.

Comments and criticisms are well welcomed, so tembak away la..

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