Wednesday, July 27, 2011

David Archuleta Live In Malaysia 2011

This is Wee Phei Yee's ultimate idol. He has the hugest crush on him so it was only natural that we attended both his concert and his autograph session.

We braved the horrific KL traffic and really expensive Pavilion parking only to be held back for another 30 mins as Mr Archie was running late. And worst of all to being surrounded by 100 young girls and old aunties. Aunties old enough to be his grandmother. Well who am I to criticize, Mr Archie posses powers to attract women that baffles many out there.

To be honest he was a real down to earth person, you could tell when he was so shocked to see a big crowd waiting for him that he even forgot to take the mic. LOL.

He belted a few verses from his song with pure emotion during the signing.

Wee Phei Yee trying to conceal her glee and fan girl excitment

Managed to take some Polaroids with him, but pity her, he blinked when I pressed the shutter.

 Ya, and like it or not, another autographed CD to be added to my collection.

Concert day, 24hrs later. Same story, full of young girls to old aunties. Stadium was almost full could, say 3/4. But I felt Sony could have done better with publicity as his bigest fan base is in Malaysia and is quite sad to see his ticks were not sold out, despite selling out shows in Vietnam and the Philippines.

My overall thoughts, well I got to say that he is really talented, sounds better live than the CD. But his set was too short in my opinion, 1 hour show. But nevertheless his vocals is really good.

He did a cover which i really enjoyed from the 80s.

Oh ya one thing that really irritated me during the concert were these RELA people who kept shooting the audience with laser who were trying to take pictures. I mean WTF? this is a concert sure there will be people taking pictures. And they even had the cheek to threaten me, hello la, my concert ticket is more expensive than what you make in a day la.

Yeap overall a good show but a lil short. Oh ya some videos too :D


  1. it's either you have a very long lens camera or you're very close to the stage! naiseeee. (: david is so cuteeeee! <3

  2. Wow they let you bring in a DSLR?

  3. nice shots.. yah, they allow DSLR in the event? that's nice.. but lack publicity i guess :)

  4. You managed to bring in you SLR? Awesome huh?

  5. omggg he is osomeeeee>< envy lahhhh T.T he's hot:(