Friday, July 22, 2011

Chelsea vs. Malaysia

Received a free ticket to catch the Chelsea match against Malaysia. Took a motorbike ride there and was greeted by a throng of Malaysian and Chelsea fans at the stadium

There was a sea of blue and yellow in every direction and the stadium was nearly filled up to it's brim

Players walking out into the pitch

Chelsea players starting to warm up.

The players in their own huddle, last minute pep talk before the game.

The Malaysian team on the offence

 Converting a spot kick

The Malaysian team testing the Chelsea's defence

Didier Drogba trying to get past his markers.

And of course the bad boy of Chelsea, Mr Anelka

The Malaysian team made a total of 11 substitution, practically replacing everyone in the team. And there seemed to be no way Chelsea was going to penetrate the Malaysian's defence.

So ended up, it was the most BORING football match ever. Both sides did not press hard enough and both sides were making mistakes left and right. But i got to say the Malaysian keeper was top notch, thwarting many attempts by Chelsea players to get on to the score sheet.

So great job Malaysian team, play like this but with more tenacity, and I am pretty sure we might qualify for the world cup :D

An appreciation to their fans from the Chelsea players.

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