Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ze Bali Trip

Hello! It seems like it has been a billion years since I have updated my blog. Well nothing really has occurred from time I last updated until now. Let me try to re-cap what has happened, well i passed my professional exam, when on a holiday break, visited Bali and most of all just lazed around at home. Since my holiday is nearing an end, I decided to update my Blog about my latest Bali trip.

Did an express-kinda trip to Bali. It was just a 4 days trip. Was supposed to be my elective for my university (I decided to shoot the culture of Bali).The weather was hot, but not the scorching hot type in Malaysia, it was hot but breezy. Oh and i kinda look like i got toasted in the sun, I totally forgot about bringing a sun block.

Ok less chat and more pics. Bali island inhabitants are 95% Hindus and they are really proud about their culture. Modernisation seem like it has not touched this island as most of the culture still remains intact.

I really wondered what they were doing here.

 Fire dance and the "Kecak dance"

Original Indonesian Batik

See those black-ish areas around the mountain, well they are lava from a previous  eruption.

Holy springs

Traditional rituals being carried out at a temple

Most temples seem to have the same type of architecture

The picturesque Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot is actually situated on a live volcano

And there is an actual temple on the site.

Sunset Dinner at Jambiani

Enjoying the lovely sunset during dinner.

 Aerial view of the island

Mount Merapi.

And lastly some Panorama shots

What do you think of the shots eh?Im presenting this to my college as part of my elective program. Do let me know.Till than, toodles!


  1. very sharp pictures..i'm impressed .

  2. Great pics! :) Especially love the dance ones, as night shots aren't easy to shoot. XD

  3. wow.. really beautiful shots! just amazing especially the landscape pics :)

  4. nice pixxies...makes me wanna go Bali badly!

  5. awesome shots man! I like it! :D

  6. Love the cultural photos. Priceless!