Sunday, January 8, 2012

Habib and Hanum Wedding shoot

After having a long hiatus, I finally managed to find the time to post up some pics from my latest shoot. Currently posted in Sri Manjung doing my pediatric posting received a call from Nadia a few months back about a wedding she wanted to shoot with me on New Year's eve.  

Was given the responsibility to shoot both the solemnization and the reception. As this was a wedding of both individuals who were studying abroad, the engagement was done on the same day too.

 Engagement done!

 The reception.

The bride getting preped up to be hitched!Well technically she was hitched last night.

Since this was my first time shooting a full wedding (I usually just do the post-weddings) I had no idea it was sooo hectic, even for a photographer. Was lucky that I had a really good shooting mate (Thanks Nad for all the pointers). To be honest I was totally lost as everyone was bustling and  was worried that I would not get a good coverage of the wedding.

Well with that said I managed to get all the shots I intended too and I got to play with a D3, the poison!, once you have used a D3, you never ever feel like using a cropped sensor camera again!

After the reception, we managed to steal the bride and groom for an express 1 hour shoot. Their schedule was really tight as they had many visitors still coming to visit them after the reception.

Nevertheless, we managed to get most of the shots we wanted.

Played around with a few concept shots. A really fruitful event, learnt lots and was pushed to the limits. Tiring but well worth it!

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