Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tanjong Bidara Post Wedding Shoot

Hey howdy hey! Currently I am in Manjong doing my surgery posting. It's my final week here, managed to find the time to blog about a shoot I did awhile back for a lovely couple who just tied the knot a few months back.

The location of the shoot was none other than the picturesque Tanjong Bidara 

As both were already married, had the chance to try other new things that erm "Un-married couples" couldn't.

Both the husband and the wife were really co-operative during the duration of the shoot, that made it even more easy for my creative process to flow.

Managed to get everything I wanted and we even managed to try a "wet" shoot but those pics are little not "family friendly". HEHE

Did I mention, Crumpler bags are apparently not that water proof. Brought my gear with me into the sea, and I had to dry clean it after that as salt is a rust-bringer.

A great shoot  all in all, with that say, I am hoping to shoot more to improve myself as photography is a learning process. That's all for this time :D

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  1. lots of nice shots there! maybe next time you should try out night photography which gives a different feel :)