Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Got 1st Runner Up in The Cyberjaya Digital Photography Competition 2011

Guess what? Finally my photography has taken me somewhere :D I submitted my entry back in July after many many cold and mosquito bitten nights in Cyberpark trying to capture the perfect star trail.

Received an E-mail from Cyberview last Tuesday telling me that there was going to be a prize giving ceremony on Thursday, I merely thought i would have won the consolation prize.

Arrived there 30 minutes earlier with Phei Yee and Alif, so we just loitered there we loads of school children as it turns out that the prize giving ceremony was also for a multimedia animation competition organized by Cyberview for primary and secondary school children.

My heart was having palpitations and I was on the verge of an anxiety attack when they started to announce the winners of the competition, and it turned out I managed to bagged second place. I was looking around the audience before that and i noticed most of the contestants were working adults and I thought to myself no way in heaven would I manage to grab a top prize. But well looks like God works in many mysterious ways :D

Shot of the first,second prize and third prize winner from right to left together with the CEO and General Manager of Cyberview Sdn Bhd, the landowner of Cyberjaya.

The girl who always worried about my safety when i told her i was going out at 2 in the morning for the shoot.

One of my pals who accompanied me to shoot in the crazy hours of the morning together with Azim (Not in picture).

Me bounty!! What am i gonna do with the money you may ask, well I paid Alif and Azim their share, took the girl out for dinner and some shopping, took her parents out for Korean BBQ, bought a phone for my dad, took my parents out for a Dim Sum buffet and i'm planning to donate a portion of it to World Vision and use the remaining to invest in something worthwhile, which I have not thought about yet.

The winning shot. Last but not least, thank you to those who believed in me and helped me so much along the way. I dedicate this to you. You guys are the greatest! You know who you are :D

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