Thursday, January 26, 2012

Singapore on CNY '12 A Picture Essay

 Visited Singapore during the CNY holidays. After a long hiatus from my beloved camera, I decided to use this opportunity to shoot some street photography. 

Stayed at my cousins place at a HDB apartment a very prominent feature of Singapore. As Singapore is a densely populated and small country most of their people are living in high rise apartments.

Some scenes around orchard road.

The crowd on the day before the eve of CNY was HUGE! All rushing to their last minute shopping.

The very efficient Singaporean MRT and their tech savvy citizens

Visited Chinese Garden on CNY.

 There were loads of decorations up, like this wishing tree.

 Upward view of one of the many pagodas in the park

 Of course CNY would not be completed without Yee Sang~!

My father insisted that we visited Chinaton on the night of the eve of CNY. It was a claustrophobic horror!

Packed worse than a can of tuna with people pouring in from everywhere.

There was some CNY performances prior to the countdown.

And of course the famous Choi San Yeh had to make an appearance too.

Some devotees offering New Year prayers for the year of the dragon

Oh and did I mention? It was pouring cats and dogs, apparently it is because it was the year of the water dragon. 

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