Friday, April 29, 2011

Maroon 5 Live in KL 29/4/2011

Needless to say.One of the best concerts I have ever attended. Yet there were a few shortcomings, firstly the security was so shady. Bags had to be checked and guys had to frisked.

Concert started at 9.20pm due to the delay caused by the security outside. Yet  I managed to smuggle my DSLR in. The process of smuggling it in was a really simple process, 1) Dis amble your DSLR 2)Put it in your good friend's handbag who is a girl. 3)Cover it with a black sweater 4)Put your phone,wallet, etc on top of it 5)Don't let the security guys touch the bag 6)DON'T LOOK WORRIED OR SUSPICIOUS. We practically failed at the final part as we looked so tensed when we were passing through security and I saw a few guys who had to turn back to return their DSLRs to the cars.

Well it goes all to say, it's how confident you look to the security guys that matter.

Back to the concert, Adam Levine's vocals were amazing coupled, with James Valentine's amazing shredding, it was really a flawless performance. 

Some head banging action from James Valentine.

Since this was their first performance in KL, they played songs mostly from their old albums, which was a treat as they performed their old songs with great finesse and in different styles that it was better to see them live than to listen to the CD.

Oh about the seats that we got, they were truly amazing. Me and Phei Yee were hunting for the tickets since Monday this week, and we had literally no luck at all. Than through my persistent browsing of lowyat forum, I managed to find someone selling RM355 sits for RM200, and the seats were awesome!

 "Come on let's get along guys,no pushing and shoving please, it's all about the love right"

I particularly feel sorry for the rock zone peeps, as they paid RM 400 for the seats and they were not even in front of the stage.

The sixth member of Maroon 5. LOL

A bow to their fans from Maroon 5. An amazing show, but a little too short in my opinion,they played for one and a half hour covering songs from all of their 3 albums.

Oh ya some videos:


  1. Some good pics you got there!!!

  2. hey !! i was there @ rockzone area ! i love adam for fighting our right to be in front of him <3 <3 !
    security?pffft ! why on earth people would just stay silent and sitting peacefully in a ROCK CONCERT and at ROCKZONE area? seriously not a well management .not so logically planned .

  3. great pics mate, i took some as wallpapers. LOL.
    the sucky part was that they didnt allow in signboards man, i made this awesome one, yeah photogs were around us, but they didn't let it in and i shit you not, maroon5 would've seen my sign. When i came out to retrieve it, the security guards practically destroyed it. but great concert nonetheless.

  4. been there too! what a great pictures u have. i tried to bring my DSLR in. it was OK at first and i almost pass through but then, the security guard noticed my camera strap and yeah, i was among those who had to return to my car.