Saturday, April 23, 2011


Attended a Disaster And Relief Camp a couple of days ago which was part of my University's curriculum. Was doing the photography for the camp and well there were alot of exciting activities during the course of the camp.

But the most interesting activity has to be the field exercise. All of us were given roles to play in a simulated air crash and we were being assessed on how we were to respond to the incident. So there were "victims" that had to undergo some make up.

Some of the injuries that were to be used ranged from fractured ulnar to chest burns and head injury with exposed brains.

Trying to simulate the disaster, the lecturers really took extra efforts in making the victims look as "real" as possible.

"Head injury with exposed brain"

There were exactly 40 patients who had to be given some make up so it was a very long and tedious process.

"Arm avulsion"

"Injury to the head"

 "Chest burns"

 "Fractured humerus"

"Dislocated femur"

Victim of domestic violence. Haha. Just kidding cant remember what was her injury.

So there you have it, what I have been up too for the past 2 weeks. Been really busy preparing for my professional exam. Till next time guys.